Cool Off with Aqua Frescas

Cool Off with Aqua Frescas

One of the great things about travel (or relocating) is discovering new food  - a dish that makes me question where it has been all my life.  

Aqua frescas are made with water blended or steeped with rice, fruit or flowers, such as hibiscus, strawberry, pineapple or tamarind.  They are much lighter than a smoothie - more like a lemonade.

Here in Tucson, my new home, the refreshing, light non-alcoholic aqua frescas of Mexican cuisine are everywhere.    One of our new pleasures is to sit on a shaded patio under gentle cooling misters with a plate of tacos and a horchata, made with rice, sugar and cinnamon.

You can make aqua fresca to suit your own tastes and the season- they can be barely sweet or not sweet at all.   

Here is a recipe I created for My Sunny Kitchen - head on over!



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