My Customers Have Some Great Ideas -The Making of Cookie Earrings

My Customers Have Some Great Ideas -The Making of Cookie Earrings

It really makes my day when a message pops up through my website that says “Can you make me a pair of earrings with oatmeal raisin cookies that have a bite taken out of them?”


My answer is, of course. ABSOLUTELY!


Then I think to myself – duh, why don't I already have this in my shop?


There are so many ways to make a new design – I can use any of a variety of waxes to make a model for casting like I did for my bestselling dumplings. 



Or I can carve the meal directly like I do with some of my knife designs. 



  I can also use an existing item, like a mint leaf.



I spent some time thinking about how to get just the right oatmeal cookie texture for these custom earrings. Should I bake a really hard oatmeal cookie and then mold it? Should I press a cookie into wax to get the texture?


After some experimentation, I ended up using wax carving tools to recreate the look of a bumpy cookie and then added little extra pieces of wax for the raisins.




I just love using my cooking equipment to make my ChefJewelry, so I used the ends of pastry tubes to cut out the perfect sized little cookies and then used the star end of the pastry tube to cut out the 'bite'. And for a more realistic look I dipped the wax cookie into hot water to simulate the baking process – this gave just the right 'melty' cookie look! 





I can't wait to see them in sterling silver. Check back here in a few weeks to see the final cookie earrings!


Happy Cooking! Chef Melicia

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