Olive Curing Experiment Update

Olive Curing Experiment Update

Olive Update


My olive curing experiment is going swimmingly. My batch of brined tiny olives is already cured and so delicious! I started the cure on October 22, so they took about three weeks. I tasted them every week and it wasn't until about three weeks that they lost that unpleasant bitterness. My husband and I are now enjoying them tossed in a little good olive oil.


Both the salt cured and brined larger olives are still too bitter to eat. I am guessing (and hoping) they will be ready for Thanksgiving so they can adorn a nibble platter before the big meal. I am changing the brine and refreshing the salt twice a week.


Stay tuned for the next update! Here are some pictures of the finished tiny olives and the salt cured olives – you can see they are starting to wrinkle up but are not there yet.


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