Why me? Roach Brooch?

Why me? Roach Brooch?

I have long said that many of my best selling design ideas come from my customers. There was one custom request, however, that was not destined to be a fan favorite, but it was my most unusual. Behold the 14K gold cockroach brooch!

Yes, that's right. I was contacted by a gentleman who requested a custom 14K yellow gold cockroach brooch with emerald eyes for his wife. It had something to do with a pet name they had for each other. Anyway, he said he thought I was the perfect jewelry artist to ask - I really didn't know how to take that statement. Being a chef, I really try to stay away from cockroaches and pests in general. However, I love a challenge so I said sure, I'd do it.


He said she loved it!

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