Summertime Cooking Tips

Summertime Cooking Tips

It's hot, hot, hot!  Especially where I live in Arizona, where temps are approaching 113F this week.

It's actually too hot to cook outdoors and I don't want to heat up my house either - my air conditioner is working overtime!

But my husband and I get strategy for these weeks is to make a batch of something that I can use in many ways.  I will grill off some chicken breasts earlyish in the morning so we can have quick tacos, chicken salad or cold chicken plates.  Poaching shrimp doesn't heat up the house too much and then we can grab some for shrimp wraps, toss them in salad or, of course, tacos.

We also like to have hummus around, which can be made in the food processor and is perfect for a quick lunch drizzled with some chili oli and served with some carrot sticks and flatbread.

My recipe for garlicky hummus can be downloaded here.

Stay cool, my friends!

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